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Vintage Phone Sales Training


You'll turn the phone into a fortune when you...

"Master The Advanced Phone
Sales Skills Required To Win In Today's Competitive Marketplace

The Best-Selling Phone and Telemarketing Sales Training
in History. Universally recognized as "THE Industry
Classic." Vintage sales training at it's best!

The phone is still the best way to reach prospects and customers.

The Direct Marketing Association's most recent "Response Report" proves the point. According to the Report, phone sales boasts a 12.95% response to house lists.

And an 8.21% response to prospect lists.

Compare that to...

... online display ads which have a pathetic 0.04% response rate.

... email which barely registers at a 0.12% response rate.

... or paid search which comes in at a whopping 0.22% response rate.

Direct mail lags way behind in second place with only a 3.4% response rate.

In other words...

Phone Sales Yields The Highest
Response Rates Af ANY Marketing Media

Nothing else even comes close.

Which means, when used properly, the phone is a goldmine!

That's where Stan Billue's 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series comes in.

90 Telemarketing Skills

Photo for illustration only. Product comes as download.

In 1985 Stan was asked to speak at a National Convention. He gave a rivetting 2-hour presentation. After editing the material, he released the first edition of this training.

Over the next three years thousands of sets were sold at $895. Because the content was invaluable.

However, he kept getting requests for more content. Some of the tips he had uncovered during his storied sales career required more explanation.

Stan went back into the recording studio in 1988.

He shot an additional 6 hours jam-packed with "killer" content.

Stan expanded on each of the original 90 tips, techniques and skills.

He re-released the new and revised series... with... a total of 8 hours of pure telemarketing gold. It sold like crazy at a price point of $1,595 for over two decades.

Each session starts with Stan in front of a live audience. The excitement and emotion of a live seminar event is captured for your enjoyment. Then the training switches to a studio setting. You'll hear as Stan enhances and expands on each phone sales secret.

The invaluable content on these audios was revised and updated and now comes with:

  • One downloadable file featuring audio excerpts from a live seminar... and... studio instruction direct from Stan Billue.
  • 90 complete audio training sessions delivered in "bite-size" chunks for easy comprehension and retention to shortcut your rise to fame and fortune.
  • Almost 8 hours of the "Best of Billue". I guarantee this is the ONLY ADVANCED phone sales training series you'll ever need.
  • Over 95% of the material covered is fully applicable in today's competitive marketplace. It's safe to say there's...

An Enormous Amount Of Cash-Producing
ecrets In These Training Audios

For the sake of brevity, I'll just give you a "sneak peek":

  • The 3-step game plan sales pros rely on to set themselves apart from everyone else!
  • Best and worst ways to start a phone call with a prospect! (If you don't want the common knee-jerk reactions... or the phone slammed on you... then at least stop greeting people like this!)
  • How to put yourself and stay in a winning frame of mind before, during and after talking to a prospect or customer! (Just doing one of these things gives you the edge to outsell 99% of sales people in your office.)
  • How to stop creating a negative selling environment! (Did you know sales people manufacture 90% of the reasons someone won't buy? And we wonder why it's so darn difficult to book more sales... when... it could and should be falling off a log easy!)
  • The blueprint for getting others to follow explicit directions without a fuss! (It's as simple as replacing certain words you're probably now saying without thinking about it... with... these power words and control phrases!)

How to become the type of person
others find almost impossible to reject!

  • 5 simple secrets to making more sales calls in less time! 
  • The antidote to "call reluctance"! (No more shaking in your shoes when on the phone or in front of a prospect.)
  • One quick-and-easy action to take at the end of each day guaranteed to streamline sales activities! (Think you don't have enough time to get things done? Baloney! We all have the same 24 hour a day. Here's how to use that time wisely.)
  • How to speak hypnotically and keep prospects clinging to everything you say! 
  • How to take the "edge" off any prospect and make them feel like they're talking to a good friend! (This technique tears down the barriers prospects put up! Applies to face-to-face selling too.)
  • An unusual way to "rev up" energy levels with an ordinary tennis ball. (The excitement you project over the phone is felt by prospects. Here's how to pique energy levels on every call.)
  • How to come up with an endless number of creative sales ideas you can turn into cash!
  • Why using a "stage name"... as opposed to your real name... breaks the ice with more prospects and makes you instantly more likable! (I used this trick for years to add more zeros to my paychecks than just about any other sales rep I ever met.)
  • How to shave precious minutes off any presentation and write more orders in less time!
  • A personality trait anyone selling by phone must develop! (Studies show 94% of people prefer to talk with a telemarketer that does this.)
  • My five-word approach script for getting through to company VIP's 60% to 70% of the time on the first call. (It's so simple and easy I'm surprised no one else thought of it.)
  • Another little-known secret to by-pass screeners and get connected to the right person on 60% of first dials!
  • And so much more! 

You get 90 of proven phone sales tips... that... take you from the greeting to the close and everything in between. The end result is...

... you'll beem with confidence on every phone call you make!

... your prospects will take your calls and listen with rapt attention!

... you can generate hot leads that become life-long customers!

... current clients, customers and patients will gladly buy more!

Not to mention it's more than possible for you to...

Start Or Re-Start A Sales Career Or A
 Brand New Business From Scratch!

All you'll need is a list of target prospects to call.

Plus... the phone sales skills, techniques and secrets revealed in the 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series and the sky's the limit.

At least that's what Stan's clients and students say...

"Stan Billue is to Telemarketing what God is to Religion."
-- Security & Surveillance


"We like to think that we invented Telemarketing... You perfected it." -- AT&T


 "You've made history in our industry." -- Personal Selling Power Magazine


"... a million dollar a year business."

"I decided to go into business for myself. I still remember the first day we were in business. My secretary, who I had just hired, was staring at me and wondering what to do. No one knew who we were, no one knew we even existed and of course, no one was calling us.

"I then joked with her and said, “I guess I had better get to work and start making phone calls.” And, here we are today, with a million dollar a year
 -- "Termite" Terry Singleton


"... used your techniques at three different
sales jobs and they never fail."

"I wanted to let you know that your Training and the times you have come into the office have changed the way I do sales, have increased my income and made my life better. I have used your techniques at three different sales jobs and they never fail.  When I tell someone a tip I learned from you, and they put it into action, they always close more deals. Thanks." -- David Tulkin


"... the material is like nothing I have ever heard before..."

"I recently ordered your Telemarketing Sales MP3 downloads. I wanted to let you know that the material is like nothing I have ever heard before and your wisdom on the sales industry is superior to anything else ever created. Thank you." --Jordan Dyer, Thankful Customer


"Listening to Stan Billue CD’s helped me to double my income. Thanks Stan!!" -- Clarence Golden


"Your Audios... made me successful." 

"Your Audios and critiquing have stuck with me through the years and made me successful. I now own a sales company here in Boca Raton, Fl and we are doing quite well. Best regards." -- Brian Johns


"Great Series!!!"

"The new sales team at AHC has being watching “90 Telemarketing Skills” and have been using many of the techniques. Great Series!!!! Enthusiastically." -- Roy Edgerton, Analgesic Health Care


"... 100% transferable to every job I
have worked on in my sales career..."

"Thank you for your work that you have done to teach one to be a telemarketing sales professional. I have recently started working on a job that directed me to your teachings. No longer do I have guess how to do my job. The lessons you teach are 100% transferable to every job I have worked on in my sales career, from auto warranties to mortgages. Again, thank you." -- Gerald Smith


"... The information... is going to pay off 100 times over."

"We were very fortunate to have Stan Billue as our guest speaker at the Teleflora annual Inside Sales Meeting.... The information that he provided to our reps I know is going to pay off 100 times over. Most importantly, they were EXCITED and MOTIVATED to get back to the phones!!." -- Al Garrison, Teleflora Inside Sales Supervisor


“One idea from Stan Billue made me an extra $100,000.” -- Russ Finster

Master Stan Billue's phone selling secrets and you may...

Never Worry About
Money Again!

For real!

Look, success in business is 90% getting the sale.

No sale... no business, right?

With the skills, techniques and secrets in the 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series getting the sale now becomes the easy part.

While others struggle to make ends meet...

While the economy bullies business owners who are not prepared...

While your competition cowers in fear for their very survival...

You, my friend, will enjoy the spoils of success. All the customers, sales and profits your heart desires are at the other end of your phone. Discover how to make the phone -- the most responsive marketing and sales medium in the world -- shower you with rich rewards.

And it's easy once you own and go through this training course.

How much is the 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series?

Well, over 300,000 VHS sets (remember those?) sold for $1,595.

Don't worry! You won't have to pay that much.

In fact, you can grab the digital download version of the 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series for an absolute steal!

Only $147... and... you get these priceless phone sales secrets.

Does that sound a bit high?

Consider how many sales you've lost... are losing now... or will lose in the future by not owning these videos. I bet it's more (way more!) than the investment required.

So you've got a choice staring you straight in the face:

(1) You can shrug your shoulders and hope and pray sales will improve.


(2) You can invest in yourself and future... and... super-charge your ability to sell over the phone. Which, of course, will pay huge dividends now and for the long-run.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

Get Stan Billue's 90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series today and...

... never worry about money again...

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IMPORTANT! Please Read This Now...

90 Telemarketing Skills Audio Series
may be tax deductible.

Income tax deductions are allowed for education expenses undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. So you may be eligible for a full tax write-off by investing in this course.

Since this product is a download only we have a strict No Refund policy. Obviously, you can't return anything in order for me to refund. Besides, this offer is ONLY for serious people who see the value and potential this information holds for them if they use it.

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