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Stan Billue reveals his lifetime of sales
and business secrets for those who want to...

"Fast Track Into The Top 5%
Of Income-Earners In
The World

Since every time two people talk someone is getting sold...
now you will finally know (beyond a shadow of a doubt)... how to
sell anyone and reap the rich rewards few people ever enjoy.

Let me make a bold -- but true -- statement right off the bat...

"If you'll develop your sales skills like most people won't... then...
you can live the rest of your life like most people can't."

That's not hype, either.

The late, Stan Billue (who is considered a sales legend by other sales legends) is living proof the statement above is 100% true.

At the age of 34, he was a self-made failure. High School drop-out. Twice divorced. Bankrupt. He was forced to live on macaroni and cheese for three straight months.

Drove a 15-year-old Volks Wagon... that... he had to park on a hill to get started.

Back then, he was constantly borrowing money from friends and relatives just to pay the rent. Worst part is that he blamed everyone and everything for his lack of success.

It was pitiful.

Things got so low Stan even thought about ending it all.

Then, by some miracle, his Higher Power brought someone special into his life. Stan met a self-made multi-millionaire. That man agreed to become Stan’s personal mentor. Stan’s mentor believed in Stan before Stan believed in himself.

The greatest gift he gave Stan was the understanding of these three powerful words:

"Knowledge Is Power!"

Stan’s mentor challenged him to invest one hour a day for the next five years to become a World Expert in one subject area. Stan wisely chose selling, began studying like there's no tomorrow, entered the profession... and... proceeded to double his income for five consecutive years.

In the process he...

Set Sales Records That
till Stand Today

Stan then went on to build a successful speaking, consulting and training business.

And, in every case, one thing was obvious: The most successful sales reps, contractors, business owners, entrepreneurs and people in general all knew how to... sell.

They all knew how to win others to their way of thinking.

It's just that simple.


Which is why Stan wrote The Sales Expose: To share with you nearly four decades of sales-boosting and business-building secrets. The most powerful ones he discovered or created in a lifetime of building his own sales career and business... and... those of his students and clients.

Here are a few secrets you'll discover when reading this ebook:

  • How to set up your company so that it sets you up financially for life... instead of... ruining your life! (So few business owners understand this simple concept. But those who do end up with all the time and financial freedom in the world.)
  • The shortcut to maximizing your earning potential.
  • The smart way to leverage a sales career into multiple income opportunities almost no one realizes! (Turn your experience into profit windfalls instead of slaving at a job.)
  • Two things required to achieve greatness in your business or profession! (By the way, having one without the other just won't cut it.)
  • "IASM" - How this 4-letter acronym can make you a fortune in the business world. (If more people applied it their lives would be richer for it.)
  • How to propel yourself up the ladder of success with this proven goal-achieving formula. (You'll become unstoppable once you begin applying this in your life.)
  • How smart owners, managers and team leaders treat their people to boost moral... and... create positive changes that last!
  • An ingenious way to sift and sort potential employees and sales reps! (Hint: Let technology do the initial work for you... so... you only sit down and interview the best of the bunch!)
  • How to train new recruits... and... re-train old pros! (Plus... the very best training strategy in the world. Nothing... and I mean nothing than this... comes close to...

Fine-Tuning Your Team's Sales Skills
To The Point Of Perfection

  • A secret strategy for turning "One-Trick Pony" sales reps (the ones who sell the same way to every prospect) into versatile selling dynamos with personality to boot! (NOTE: When you know how to get sales reps out of their presentation ruts they'll produce like gangbusters for you!)
  • Why you must lavish prospects with word images that tantalize their senses... and... help them picture your product with pleasure!
  • Quickie checklist for writing advertising sales copy that makes the cash register ring night and day! (Develop this skill... even a little bit... and your marketing efforts will improve by 200% to 500% overnight!)


That's a lot of good stuff you can sink your teeth into, isn't it?

And so far, we've only covered a small (very small) portion of the first five chapters.

Before we go on, let's consider this:The most important thing Stan learned over the decades is that your attitude determines everything.


With this knowledge, he was been able to turn around a desperate situation... into... a lifetime of success and satisfaction. So pay close attention to the secrets in the first part of this ebook.

And mold your mindset to win at life... rather than... letting life slap you around.

But there's a lot more Stan shares with you.

So let's get to it.

Here are more secrets you'll discover in The Sales Expose ebook:

  • How top sales pros use the English language to mesmerize prospects... and... keep them riveted to ever word. (The right words will keep people glued to your sales presentation from beginning to end... and... convince them to buy right on the spot.)
  • 5 strategies for using your voice to close more sales faster! (Play around with these and you'll have prospects eating out of the palm of your hand.)
  • An unusual secret to spike your closing ratios by 20% to 200%... without... learning a single extra closing or objection handling technique. (You won't believe how effective this is until you try it.)
  • What to do with your mouth and eyes to make the person on the other end of the phone feel like you're their friend!
  • Worn out words and phrases you must eliminate or turn prospects off! 
  • How to reach twice as many people in half the time when calling prospects on the phone! (Perhaps the easiest way get past screeners that's ever been presented.)
  • A neat trick to avoid getting stuck in "voice mail hell"... and... reach your intended target without having to leave a message!
  • A two-part formula for handling "brush offs!" (Ever call someone and... right after you introduce yourself... they instantly say "I'm not interested"... or... "This is a bad time"... or "I'm busy right now"? Here's how to overcome these kinds of common reflex responses and continue your presentation.)
  • 3 "magic" words proven to allow you to...

Take Control Of
Any Conversation!

  • How to gather the right information to make the sale a foregone conclusion! (All the fancy closing techniques won't help you... unless... you get this part right.)
  • Why questions are not always the best way to qualify prospects... and... what works better in 90% of sales situations!
  • One word that gets prospects to willingly spend more money! 
  • How to guarantee you'll get a decision -- either way -- at the end of the presentation! (Do this and you won't get stalled out by procrastinating prospects who are scared of making a decision.)
  • How to position boring features as must-have benefits the prospect can't live without! (This technique has the side benefit of letting you know in advance what hot buttons to hit during the presentation.)
  • The "killer" sales strategy that increases closing ratios by up to 400%! (When you read about this, you'll reconsider selling the features and benefits of your product. Why? Because this strategy is so much more effective in the right hands!)

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm going to be blunt here so hang on to your hat.

The number one reason you aren't closing more sales... and... stuffing your bank account with more money is because...

You Don't Know How To Sell


Discover and apply the secrets of the super sales pros.

Then, everything your heart desires can be yours.

The leads don't suck...

Your customers are not "price sensitive"...

Prospects really don't think it over...

All of the above (and the dozens of other excuses you hear every day) happens for one reason... and one reason only...

You were not prepared to close the deal... and... exchange your product or service for their money. The only solution is to...

Become A Master At
ales And Closing

Otherwise, you're in for some hard knocks.

The Sales Expose ebook was written to give you the tools to make more sales with less fuss.

Just take a look at even more secrets it reveals:

  • Why prospects resist changing their minds after objecting to an offer... and... how to help them make a buying decision they won't regret!
  • A little-known qualifying question -- used only by the best in the business -- to uncover someone's main objection, concern or question. (With this information revealed to you upfront, clinching the sale is a walk in the park.)
  • How to avoid looking like an amateur while presenting your product or service! (Follow this single piece of advice and you'll stop turning prospects off and get them to buy instead.)
  • How to turn the tables on objections, have prospects explain them away and convince themselves buying your product from you -- RIGHT NOW -- is the only logical conclusion!
  • The first rule every successful negotiator abides by!
  • The single most important technique you could ever learn... if... you want to stop dealing with cold leads that fight, resist and struggle with you every inch of the way! (Become competent at this single skill and -- from a financial standpoint -- the world is your oyster!)
  • 5 target markets known to buy more... buy more often... and spend more than just about any other markets you'll ever work! (Focus your prospecting efforts here and you'll be making money hand over fist... without... killing yourself for it!)
  • How to dominate any niche market you enter... and... become the go-to vendor, supplier, etc. your competition can never displace!
  • An unheard of technique for infusing sales presentations with appropriate "sex appeal." (Do this right and prospects will feel compelled to at least hear you out.)
  • 100 ways to close any sale! (Here's the world-class ammunition needed to make your sales presentation pay off. Remember! You don't get paid for prospecting or presenting. You get paid for closing. Now, you'll know exactly how the best-paid sales people in the industry do it.)
There's so much more it'll blow you away!

The Sales Expose ebook is crammed with sixteen chapters and 148 pages.

All the secrets to crushing your competition are contained within this fun-to-read ebook. Stan shows you what he discovered in nearly four decades of real-world business and sales experience.

That's why he received so many comments like these:

U really changed my life and I can never thank you enough for that. No one had ever believed in me my whole life not even my family. They wanted me to get a disability check and food stamps to live off the government but I always wanted more outta life and u made me realize that I am in charge of me and that negative thoughts will control your life if you let it. You were a godsend and I think God put u here on this earth to change peoples lives. You are the most inspirational person I ever met."
-- Ashely “Boo” Cochran



"You’re Still (and always will be) FANTASTIC!" -- Norman Hallet


"... still a big Stan Billue fan after all these years..."

"You have made the lives of many people more Fantastic. I am still a big Stan Billue fan after all these years and will be for many years to come." -- Fred Poneman


"... great Tips..."

"Thanks for all the great Tips you’ve given to me and so many others." -- Lauri Beamish


"The 'bitch-slapping' has begun..."

"I started to read your eBook yesterday (The Sales Expose). The “bitch-slapping” has begun, and I needed it.  Thank you..." -- Jocelyn Bagley


"... a Legend..."

“You are a Legend in the Sales Training Industry.” -- Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy


"... you will Master your Career."

“Master these Concepts and you will Master your Career.” --Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup Author


"... made History..."

“You've made History in our Industry.” -- Personal Selling Power Magazine

A Lifetime Of Success Secrets
... In One Ebook!

The Sales Expose ebook is the ultimate solution to this common problem...

You see, after decades in the "field" one thing is crystal clear to Stan. Success in business and sales requires being better prepared than the prospect or customer. In other words, you must have more ways to get them to say "yes"... than... they have to say "no."

Prospects and customers already know their script.

They have automatic patterns of behavior and speech when dealing with sales people.

The "right" words and phrases fly out of their mouth without them giving it a second thought.

Usually, those words and phrases are about why they should not go forward.

By the same token... you as the sales person... need to know your script. Cold! You need to know how to respond (without giving it a second thought) to the brush offs, stalls, negativity and objections they send your way.

The Sales Expose ebook arms you with everything needed to overcome the typical reasons someone won't buy... and... give them every reason to buy now.

Plus, we're shouldering all the risk with this generous...



We're positive anyone willing to implement the strategies in this ebook can sell more of their products and services. And they can sell with more ease and lot less resistance from prospects.

That's why we're willing to stick our neck out for you.

If you're a serious sales rep, business owner or entrepreneur, you're going to love this actionable ebook on sales secrets that work in the real world. You'll use the information and see amazing results. We already know that's what will happen. So we're more than glad to put the burden of proof on our shoulders.

Get the ebook and apply what you discover. Experience the results for yourself. Then you be the judge. Take 8-weeks to decide if everything we've told you is true. You'll see that this ebook will exceed your expectations.

But, if for any reason you're not happy, just say the word. You'll get a prompt refund with no questions asked. We guarantee it!

Before you make your next sales call, get this ebook.

And, when you make the techniques in this ebook your own then...

... your confidence will soar!

... your paychecks will grow!

... your bank account will swell!

... and, in general, you'll get a whole lot more out of life.

Best part: This ebook is only $47.

If you read it and apply its secrets it'll probably turn out to be the best $47 you'll ever spend on your sales skills.

Simply place your order and... within a few minutes... you'll have instant access to the download page. Go for it right now and you'll never look back...

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.


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