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Raving Testimonials About Stan Billue

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"... helped elevate my life and career."

"You’ve really opened my eyes on what it takes to truly become a “top 20%” sales professional. Your lessons have truly inspired me and helped elevate my life and career. It is my honor and duty to share the valuable knowledge you’ve shared with me and countless others on how to overcome obstacles and achieve success." -- Jim Kim


"... the real deal..."

"You are authentic, the real deal, and have the track record to prove it. I've got loads of your stuff and it works. I am in Singapore now and will go to HK tomorrow." -- Best Regards, Tony Cooper


" honorable, trustworthy and doggone good guy."

"I have already purchased a good amount of your material including 30 Days 2 Greatness in Sales. Before doing so, I watched several free YouTube videos of yours. Those videos were better than most paid content I've seen. Thanks for all you do Stan.  It is especially good of you to come out of retirement as you have to share with others. In addition to your world-class content, anyone on your list, and anyone who has purchased any of your products, recognizes you as an honorable, trustworthy and doggone good guy." -- Cordially, Chip Himelhoch


"42% closing ratio on a $5,000 sale."

"I just filled my Supplement Millionaire Intensive thanks to the techniques I learned from 30 Days to Greatness in Sales. 42% closing ratio on a $5,000 sale. I was flabbergasted." -- Doberman Dan Gallapoo 


"... awesome."

"I came across your Webinar (Cold Calling for Chickens) with Mike Brooks and it was awesome. I have become a huge fan of yours and although I'm from the software industry, I can relate to your tips and techniques for sales. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!" --Deeti Dave


"I will always be thankful to this Super Guy!!!"

"I was at a Natures Sunshine Convention and the room was so cold. I didn't want to leave to get a jacket because Stan was on Stage and he was sooo good I didn't want to miss anything he was saying. Stan Billue picked me out of a crowd of 1,500, came off stage and took his jacket off, placed it over my shoulders and went back on stage. Years later I now have my own line of Nutritional Products and own 100 outlets. I will always be thankful to this Super Guy!!!" --
Dr. Vickie Carter


"Thank you so much."

"Since I found a video of you online on youtube, the amount of knowledge of learned in the last year alone has been amazing. I'm doing my best to watch or learn something new everyday. Thank you so much." -- George Swanson


"... a better person because of you..."

"I am becoming a better person because of you and your courses." -- Juan Ortega


"... amazing advice and motivation..."

"I want to thank you for your amazing advice and motivation I have gleaned from studying you on Youtube." -- Nigel Clarke  


"... turning me into a CLOSING MACHINE!"

"I met Stan Billue 30 years ago and he played a role in turning me into a CLOSING MACHINE!  I still remember what I learned in the Audio Series "Double your Income Selling on the Phone"! -- Elliott Nachwalter


"... changed my Future and my Families..."

"There is only ONE Stan Billue. 25 years ago he took me from a Sales "Newbie" to a Phone Pro, changed my Future and my Families, and I never could have gotten where I am today without his training!" -- Ray Cruz, Costa Rica


"...for sure, the best."

"I listened to both Podcasts on Doberman Dan's show, and I've heard all the other good ones.  Yours was for sure, the best.  I loved the stories and solutions to tough challenges.  Incredible, like listening to my grandfather on steroids! Loved it." --Bob


"I owe all my success to you Stan..."

"I am fixing to start writing a book on How to Sell and How to be a Salesman. I owe all my success to you Stan and I am very grateful that I was able to learn from a master like yourself." -- Jeremiah Dillon


"... from making $300 a week to making almost a half million dollars a year..."

"I went from making $300 a week to making almost a half million dollars a year after I met Stan and started incorporating what he taught me. I am now semi-retired and debt free. I thank God daily that I met Mr. Fantastic! I still listen to his CD's for fine tuning. Stan is the REAL DEAL!" -- Tony Gaujo  


"... became a top producer..."

"Stan, I have been in the Sales field in one way or another for almost 30 years! I started as a Commodity Broker back in 1983 and when I began learning the art of selling on the phone the first training vehicle I was give was your Double your Income Selling on the Phone audio series.

I studied them and listened to them daily and as I absorbed the material I became a top producer and eventually a business owner of my own. To THIS DAY I employ your techniques for successful closing of deals. I just wanted to write you to say THANK YOU for providing me with the foundation that has led to a very fulfilling and successful life in sales ! God Bless you and yours and continued success in whatever you do Sir!" -- Elliott Nachwalter 


"... a living legend..." 

"This guy is a living legend, telemarketing evolved from his strategies and insights into human behavior. Check out his stuff, you will never look back." -- Tony Cooper


"My new positive and expectant attitude has become contagious..."

"I found Stan on youtube while searching for sales techniques and am so glad I did.  In the two weeks since I began to apply just a few of his principles, so many things have changed.  My new positive and expectant attitude has become contagious where my co-workers have even  been inspired, I commissioned this pay period...yea! And my manager has taken several of my Stan's suggestions and the store is doing better; our district manager called to see what had changed. I am looking forward to a long relationship with Stan and this journey we are on together, taking me further than I ever imagined. Thank you Stan for forging ahead of me, making the way smooth so I can follow." -- Pam Irrobali


"... one of the best business decisions..."

"I can't begin to thank you for the impact you have had on our staff! The increase in their level of enthusiasm and productivity is already phenomenal! Having you here was one of the best business decisions and again, I can't thank you enough." -- Aegis Energy 


"... THE MASTER!!!"

"Yes, Mr. Billue, you are THE MASTER!!!!  All the best to you Stan.  Sincerely. -- Tim Cromwell


"... made me what I am today."

"You made me what I am today. Your material is Significant and you have major Talent. You taught and I learned and now I am a serious Investment Banker." -- Daniel Cannon


"The World's Greatest Sales Trainer" 

"Happy 70th Birthday to "The World's Greatest Sales Trainer".  Stan Billue helped me go from good to great in the Venture Capital Raising Business. He taught me the importance of valuing my time, critiquing my own calls, sticking and staying (works with the ladies too), assuming the sale, asking leading questions, using a power word everyday, etc. He also taught me how to use cookies after the sale to make clients love me, but the most important thing Stan taught me was the importance of getting referrals, and how that 1 skill can quadruple your income. Thanks Stan! hope you have a great birthday!" -- Tony Gaujot


"... enjoyed your Webinars..."

"I've SO enjoyed your Webinars with Mike Brooks. Thank you for your Humor, ever energetic Generosity and genuine Goodwill toward others." -- Jean Merkelo


" of the single best Sales Trainings..."

"Your interview with Michael Senoff at "Hard to find Seminars" is one of the single best Sales Trainings I've ever heard." -- Ben Settle


"... learned more from Stan Billue... than 4 years at the University of Maryland."

"I learned more from Stan Billue, listening to "Double Your Income Selling on The Phone", Vol. 1 & 2 than 4 years at the University of Maryland.  Stan's material works on the phone, face to face, in foreign countries, email, social networking, with your children, Members of Congress, Heads of State and your Girlfriends.  :) Your material is the complete understanding of human behavior. I equate your material and understanding of human behavior to Steve Job's understanding of the power of the computer. Your material helps us understand what really motivates people and is extremely effective in the sales world and life.  It is effective in 2013 and will always be. If you are serious about sales, this material is a must have. it made my career." -- Daniel P. Cannon


"... changed the way I view the world..."

"I recently bought your “Double Your Income Selling on the Phonee” series as well as your Autobiography, “A Best Seller” e-Book and it absolutely blew me away. It made me actually believe I could accomplish something more in my life, and it gave me that extra push to apply myself and stop fearing failure. You have certainly have changed the way I view the world and look for opportunities. I have already recommended your products to my financial adviser and a few friends who just started their own business.  Thank you for your fine work." -- Matt Meyer


"... your stuff still FLAT OUT WORKS."

"Just listened to your “Leaving Messages” Telemarketing Video (#30) and realized your stuff still FLAT OUT WORKS.  Almost scary! Plus it was nostalgic watching the videos as it’s been and 23 years since I first saw them and 20 years since we first met.  You’re still the BEST." -- Mike Mondia


"Thank you."

"I can’t begin to tell you how much your material has meant for my success in professional phone sales.  Thank you." -- Brad Prepon


"... the answer to my Prayers." 

"You are the answer to one of my biggest Prayers." -- Shawn Chambers


"Your emails make me smile..."

"Your emails make me smile and thank you for shining light on this planet." -- Genevieve


"... increase my income to over $16,000 PER WEEK..."

"Prior to selling via telephone, I earned about $1,000 per week as a salesman "pounding the pavement." Once I began selling by phone, I saw my income soar to over $4,000 per week.  I thought I had "arrived" as a professional salesman until a colleague introduced me to Stan Billue's Audio & Video training materials. With the skills & knowledge I learned from Stan, I've been able to increase my income to over $16,000 PER WEEK selling on the phone!  In my opinion, attempting to sell by phone without equipping yourself with Stan Billue's training is as foolhardy as attempting to play professional football without a helmet. Equip yourself for success...invest in Stan's training today! -- Johnny Bolton, Los Angeles, CA  


"... you really hit home with our team..."

"Here we are…nearly two weeks after having you as the keynote speaker for our 2013 International Sales & Conference.  The reaction to your enthusiasm, attitude and sales/life tips hasn’t waned. As a company we’ve never had more positive affirmations being expressed not only throughout the sales team but through  administrative team as well.  This enthusiasm can only lead to improved attitudes which will lead to greater sales.  I personally, want to thank you for taking the time to understand our business and sales process – by speaking our language, you really hit home with our team…..thanks, Stan!" -- Steve Przypek, Zoom Media


"... you remind me how much better I can be."

"My confession is that the last book I read was “The richest man in Babylon” back in 1984 because I hate reading.  I started reading your Autobiography (“A Best Seller”) last night and couldn’t put it down.  I have always made money and always been a top guy…but you remind me how much better I can be.  I believe having a positive impact on someone’s life is the greatest thing someone can do in their life." -- Scott Allen Wolf, Grace Century, FZ LLC.


"... read Books and listen to Stan Billue." 

"Anyone starting out in Sales should read Books and listen to the 4 Legends of Selling; Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Napoleon Hill and Stan Billue." -- Bruce Kaserman


"... I have become the top rep in the company..."

"Your Audio Training has really inspired me to to become the very best sales rep that I can be. I have been in this line business now for 1 year. Because of the skills I learned from you I have become the top rep in the company, selling over $5,000,000. The first month I was with the company I almost quit because the phone was kicking my butt. That's when I heard your Audios for the first time and look at where we are today. I do appreciate all the wonderful tips and when I do get off course still to this day always venture back and listen to a few of your Audios just to bring back the basics. Thanks again." -- Colby J Baker


"... on track to more than double our business within 1 year."

"I’ve been in the sales profession for over two decades and would currently consider myself a serious student of sales and buyer psychology.  Over the past few years I have been working to transform a successful company’s direct sales approach to an inside sales system which includes developing the entire sales process and helping build a new team of sales professionals.

"I consistently read or listen to dozens of books and/or interviews every year and continually work to sharpen the saw and incrementally improve every week. A few years ago I listened to an interview that Stan Billue gave to Michael Senoff and I ended up with an entire page of notes – compared to a few lines that I would normally record while listening to other speakers.  I was literally blown away with Stan’s knowledge and approach.  He has extensive personal experience in many different aspects of selling and brings that to the table along with a tremendous resource of knowledge acquired from other sales consultants and speakers etc. over the past 30 years. 

"In short, Stan has probably “been there, and done that” or has a close friend who has - and he can tell you first-hand what works and what doesn’t.  Most importantly, he knows what it takes to grow an organization from not only the sales side but also supplementing the managerial side. It took us several months to get Stan engaged as a consultant for our organization since he’s pretty much retired and very selective in choosing his clients. 

"He’s been on retainer for about 6 months and provides us much more time than he bills us for (I believe this is due to the fact he’s one of those guys who will never really retire – he lives and breathes sales and loves to coach and mentor). What’s the bottom line?  Stan has helped us restructure our sales process and team and we are on track to more than double our business within 1 year.  I feel that Stan is extremely affordable, even for a small company like ours. 

"Last month we made more excess net profit (i.e. more than our average pre-Stan profit) in that single month than two years of Stan’s consulting fees. That’s the best return on investment I’ve ever had! If you have the opportunity to get Stan on retainer I’d encourage you to jump on it. -- Jim Hill, Director IT Pro U – New Horizons


"Thanks a ton for sharing..."

"Thanks a ton for sharing on your Webinar. I forwarded this to the other sales guys in my office." -- Steve Reed, Minnesoate Vikings


"... the greatest Telemarketing Sales Trainer in the World."

"Stan Billue is possibly the greatest Telemarketing Sales Trainer in the World. I was privileged to work for him and honored to have him as a friend. I am currently reviewing his Audio Training Series "Double your Income Selling on the Phone". This program is considered to be the standard of excellence in the industry." -- Tony DeFrancisco


"I expect many “aha” moments..."

"Thank you for such a great Webinar.  I was sure that I would hear great content and I did! I can’t wait to settle down in a deep chair and start learning all the preparation skills and scripts you have to share. I expect many “aha” moments this weekend. Thanks so much for all." -- Lee Newcomb


"... great resource and mentor!" 

"I look forward to your Newsletter every month. Thanks for being a great resource and mentor! The guys all say hi, we hope you are doing well! Warm regards." -- Matt Anderson, Foot Levelers


"I study your techniques all the time..."

"All my sales and business is done completely by the phone, in the loan mod/mortgage business. I study your techniques all the time whether reading or audio on the ipod. Regards, your student. --Brad


"... new Career successful thus far!"

"My new Career has been successful thus far!  I’m glad to hear you are still making it happen.  I appreciate the personal time you invested in me when you were working with my former company."  Highest Regards. -- Joe Safrit


"... made me a dynamic salesperson."

"I attended several of your telephone sales training sessions that you did for a company I worked for several years ago. You definitely made an impression on me and made me a dynamic salesperson." Sincerely. -- William E. Krekel, Commonwealth Foreign Exchange, Inc. 


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