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Stan Billue Bio

Important Update: On May 11, 2015 Stan "Mr. Fantastic" Billue passed away. We will continue to keep his website active and his products available for years to come.
Thank you.

In looking back it certainly appears that I was born to be a Promoter.

I have a true fascination about Life and love to ask questions. In addition, I have a sincere interest in learning from anyone who does whatever they do better than others. Because of these traits I usually see and seize opportunities that most people don’t or won’t.

I often refer to my first 34 years as being a self-made failure since I was a high school drop out, bankrupt and divorced twice during that time.

After quitting High School, I got Married and joined the Army and became the only Rock n’ Roll Piano Player in Army Band history. In addition I made more money a day than my fellow Soldiers made all month while in Germany and ended up going to Prison.

Coming back to the States, I worked as a Car Salesman, Collector, Repo Man, Musician, Talent Manager, Record Producer, Booking Agent and even produced Radio Commercials. Although I did enjoy some Success from time to time, I never had any consistency because I lacked the required knowledge.

During the first 34 years of my life I started a lot of different careers and companies and they all fell by the wayside.

Then in 1977 my Higher Power brought a mentor into my life and everything shifted into high gear and started to get really interesting. There are hundreds of people who have helped me achieve the levels of Success I enjoyed however I certainly have to pay my humble gratitude to my original Mentor, Jerry Ross.

Jerry was a high school drop-out who was Married with 3 Kids (1 set of Twins) all by the age of 18.

He was a Millionaire by 21 and a Multi-Millionaire by 23.

When he offered to be my Mentor I truly believed that if he could accomplish what he had, that I could also.

With Jerry’s belief in me and his encouragement to become a master of my craft, I was able to double my Income for five consecutive years and then became a professional Sales Trainer and Motivational Speaker and traveled the World for over 20 years conducting up to 22 Speaking engagements a month.

I became recognized as one of the most Referred-to, Ripped-off and Respected Trainers the World and my Audio and Video Programs and Training materials are still sold over 60 Countries.


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