Warning! Don't even think of making another
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"World's Greatest Phone Sales Trainer Reveals His Lifetime Of Secrets - Including How He Really Doubled His Income For Five Years Straight... And... How You Can Too!"

At last! You can discover the exact step-by-step system Stan "Mr. Fantastic" Billue used
to go from broke and desperate high school drop-out to making as much as $30,000 PER WEEK
in the cut-throat sales industry! Don't miss this chance to own every sneaky but ethical phone sales trick, tip, technique, strategy and secret he uncovered, developed and perfected... including... how to turn the phone into a personal fortune starting... TODAY!

From: John "Angel" Anghelache
          The Stan Billue Team
          South of the "Windy City"

Dear Friend,

If you would like to make more money (a lot more money) selling your products and services over the phone... then... this will be the most exciting and profitable web page you will ever read!

Here's why:

In 1977 Stan Billue was a down-and-out self-made failure.

By a stroke of dumb luck he met his mentor... and... Stan's life improved so dramatically it shocked everyone he knew.

How did this happen? Simple.

Stan's mentor told him to invest an hour a day learning the art of Sales. Stan was serious about succeeding. He took his mentor's advice and decided to specialize in phone sales.

Soon after, Stan entered the sales profession and...

Doubled His Income In Sales
For 5 Consecutive Years

He retired from selling in 1983.

It was obvious to Stan that he had a great deal of material other sales people and business owners would find helpful.

So he took two months to organize all of his scripts, tips and techniques.


Then he recorded Volume One of Double Your Income Selling On The Phone... and... it was an instant hit. It became the best-selling phone sales training audio series in history.

In no time, this course started selling like hot cakes to the tune of over a million dollars a year.

Stan even turned down a distribution offer from Nightingale-Conant.

They wanted to sell the sets too cheaply.

Instead of selling-out to a big corporation, Stan made his secrets available directly to sales industry pros, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Those struggling to make a living began making life-changing money.

And word spread like wildfire about this amazing product.

Here are a handful of the secrets it reveals:

  • How to get in the "zone" before sales calls! (In just a few minutes feel "pumped up" and exponentially boost your persuasive powers. When approaching people from this heightened emotional state they can't help but hear you out and get in on the deal.)
  • 13 fundamental factors to making a "killing" in phone sales! 
  • Six steps to greeting strangers on the phone you've never spoken to before! (Drop their defenses, earn the right to continue the call and take control with confidence.)
  • Why you should call people back if they hang up on you... and... what to say to mellow them out fast! (Sounds crazy, right? Call someone back after they tell you to take a hike? But I'm telling you... if it's done right... these irate prospects often become some of your best customers.)
  • The diplomatic way to ask probing questions! (Asking questions is an art form. When done wrong people feel like they're in an FBI interrogation. But... when done correctly... people cheerfully respond and reveal the buying motives hiding deep in their mind.)
  • When you should never... EVER... proceed with a phone presentation! (Refuse to heed my advice on this point... and... you've just given the prospect permission to stall forever.)
  • How to build a "yes momentum" that sweeps any prospect off his feet! (Become just a tad more proficient at this skill and...

Your income has nowhere to
go but... up... Up... UP!

  • How to customize a phone pitch to the exact needs and desires of the prospect! (Otherwise you'll bore them to death and kill any chance of securing the sale.)
  • The 3 basic types of objections and how to turn them into reasons for buying! 
  • The "catch-all" objection response designed to diffuse a prospect's negativity and move the sale forward at the same time! (Try this the next time anyone challenge's you... and... watch in amazement as they back-peddle and expose what's really on their mind.)
  • Three emotional "pain points" to cover during any presentation to give prospects every reason to jump on your offer immediately!
  • How many times -- on average -- you'll need to close someone before they finally "cave"! (Stopping too soon is like burning hundred dollar bills on the side of the road. Because, the harsh reality is, you need more ways to get them to say yes than they have to say no. Play the Law of Averages here and you'll bust through quotas like never before!)
  • A secret way to "glide" prospects into the close and get them to accept your proposal... AFTER... they said... NO! (Is that really possible? You betcha! I can't tell you how many times I've used this secret technique to turn rejection into bushels of money!)
  • Why it's critical to make the "sale-after-the-sale" if you hope to build a growing list of happy customers who know, like, trust and refer you to their friends and family! (If you knew just how much money you're leaving on the table by not taking this simple step it would bring tears to your eyes.)

Are you a sales professional?

Consultant?... Independent contractor?... Freelancer?... Entrepreneur or business owner?

Do you, a secretary or receptionist answer calls in your business?

Do you prospect for new business or take in-coming calls from prospects or customers?

Or do you talk to anyone on the phone, via webinar or teleseminar who is or could become a customer?

Then... you need Stan's phone sales secrets!

Because what you (or your employees) say on the phone...

... how calls are handled -- to AND from -- prospects and customers...

Impacts Your Personal Income And
ottom-Line Revenues Like Nothing Else!

Stan began receiving hundreds of success stories from his students.

But he realized he hadn't shared everything he knew in Volume One.

Soooo... in 1985 he wrote and recorded Volume Two. Which contains advanced phone sales skills, secrets and techniques no one except Stan knew.

Secrets like:

  • How to sway secretaries and gate keepers to put your call through without revealing what it's all about! (Having a hard time reaching decision-makers? No problem! Here's a time-tested way to win over front-line employees and have them scrambling to get the right person on the phone.)
  • 2 ways to get the exact name and contact details of department heads... when... you don't know who to ask for! (Either one works like a charm every time!)
  • How to sound conversational... rather than... confrontational when prying prospects for answers!
  • Four types of "loaded" questions framed to get specific responses from hesitant prospects!
  • How to end the first call of a multi-step sales cycle! (This is how you plant intrigue and curiosity in the mind of a prospect so they can't wait for the next call.)

The 12 personality types and how to
tailor your pitch to sell each one!

  • 5 questions swirling around in a prospect's head! (Give them the right answers and the sale is as good as made. Give them the wrong answers and you can forget about it.)
  • How to guarantee prospects keep their phone appointments! (Reduce cancellations by at least half by applying one of these two appointment confirmation techniques!)
  • A neat tip on how to engage people so they focus and pay rapt attention! (Let's face it, you have no clue what the other person is doing while on the phone with you. With this secret, they'll have no choice but to follow along closely and avoid distractions!)
  • 3 scientifically-measured components of a can't-miss phone presentation... and... which one above all others impacts a sale the most!
  • Six rules for disarming skeptical people and making objections obsolete! 
  • The Encyclopedia of Success! (Listen to this audio often... whenever you need to get "juiced up"... and your motivation levels will soar!)

They say when a product or service stays popular -- for any extended period of time -- it has "legs." Unfortunately, sales figures are not available for spoken-word recordings like they are in the music industry.

Regardless, we believe Double Your Income Selling On The Phone is...

The Top Selling Phone Sales Training
Series Ever Produced In History

This course is perfect for anyone who sells by phone, teleseminar, webinar, Skype or any other remote live medium. Plus... it contains sales secrets perfect for face-to-face sales too.

You get:

  • 24 downloadable MP3 audio tracks (10 hours of solid, hard-hitting remote selling techniques you can bank on...)
  • Priceless and transferable content delivered in a lively, entertaining manner for easy retention...
  • Covers every facet of a bullet-proof, over-the-phone presentation from the greeting to 100 ways to close a sale...

How valuable is this course?

Let me have Terry Singleton tell you his true story... and... you be the judge:

"... you'll never have to worry about
being unemployed again..."

"I first studied your training tapes back in 1988 when I started in sales.

"I had been a motorcycle mechanic and knew very little about selling skills... I was really serious about making a career change and I give a lot of credit for my success to what I learned from your training tapes.

"Stan, you’re right when you say that when you’ve done your homework
and really know this stuff, you’ll never have to worry about being unemployed again.

"In 1993, I went to work for a company that offered no salary, no sales leads and they did no advertising or marketing whatsoever (Very few people knew we even existed). All that company gave me was a box of business cards and they wished me good luck.

"Using what I learned from you, I built my clientele from scratch and enjoyed a very profitable 8 years while working there. In the year 2000, my boss retired, so I went off with some of my co-workers and started working for them.

"Same thing – No salary, no sales leads, no advertising or marketing and since we were a new company, no one knew we existed. They gave me a box of business cards and wished me luck. Again, I used what I learned from you, built a clientele from scratch and enjoyed a profitable 5 years with them.

"In 2005, I decided to go into business for myself. I still remember the first day we were in business. My secretary, who I had just hired, was staring at me and wondering what to do. No one knew who we were, no one knew we even existed and of course, no one was calling us.

"I then joked with her and said, “I guess I had better get to work and start making phone calls.” And, here we are today, with a million dollar a year

"By the way, did you know we are in a recession? Gosh, my sales only went up 43% this past year! We’re off to a great start this year – Sales for January are up 51% compared to last January.

"But, I know we can do better and that’s why I just purchased more of your audios and videos. I want to start using your videos at our weekly sales meetings and I want for my sales staff to listed to CDs while they’re driving from one appointment to another.

"I would like to close by saying to anyone that is considering a career in sales, “Don’t re-invent the wheel! Oh, I know that if you put your mind to it and worked really hard, you may eventually figure out how to be a success in sales.

"But, wouldn’t it be great if you could sit at your kitchen table with a CD player and learn decades worth of education in only a few months? You’re friends and family may think you’re crazy to be studying like that, but I can assure you they’ll think different when they see your paychecks. Believe me, my wife is very glad that I did and very glad that I still do study Stan’s sales training."


 “Termite” Terry Singleton, President

Look, if a "grease monkey" motorcycle mechanic with no selling skills can take this course and turn it into a goldmine... what do you think you can do?

And, by the way, Terry's success is not an isolated case.

Literally hundreds of sales people, independent contractors, freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs used Double Your Income Selling On The Phone to...

Carve Out Their Own
ersonal Fortunes

Take a look:

"... turning me into a CLOSING MACHINE!"

"I met Stan Billue 30 years ago and he played a role in turning me into a CLOSING MACHINE!  I still remember what I learned in the Audio Series "Double your Income Selling on the Phone"!

"Stan, I have been in the Sales field in one way or another for almost 30 years! I started as a Commodity Broker back in 1983 and when I began learning the art of selling on the phone the first training vehicle I was give was your Double your Income Selling on the Phone audio series.

I studied them and listened to them daily and as I absorbed the material I became a top producer and eventually a business owner of my own. To THIS DAY I employ your techniques for successful closing of deals. I just wanted to write you to say THANK YOU for providing me with the foundation that has led to a very fulfilling and successful life in sales ! God Bless you and yours and continued success in whatever you do Sir!" -- Elliott Nachwalter


"... changed my Future and my Families..."

"There is only ONE Stan Billue. 25 years ago he took me from a Sales "Newbie" to a Phone Pro, changed my Future and my Families, and I never could have gotten where I am today without his training!" -- Ray Cruz, Costa Rica


"... learned more from Stan Billue... than 4 years
at the University of Maryland."

"I learned more from Stan Billue, listening to "Double Your Income Selling on The Phone", Vol. 1 & 2 than 4 years at the University of Maryland.  Stan's material works on the phone, face to face, in foreign countries, email, social networking, with your children, Members of Congress, Heads of State and your Girlfriends.  :) Your material is the complete understanding of human behavior. I equate your material and understanding of human behavior to Steve Job's understanding of the power of the computer. Your material helps us understand what really motivates people and is extremely effective in the sales world and life.  It is effective in 2013 and will always be. If you are serious about sales, this material is a must have. it made my career." -- Daniel P. Cannon


"... changed the way I view the world..."

"I recently bought your “Double Your Income Selling on the Phonee series as well as your Autobiography, “A Best Seller” e-Book and it absolutely blew me away. It made me actually believe I could accomplish something more in my life, and it gave me that extra push to apply myself and stop fearing failure. You have certainly have changed the way I view the world and look for opportunities. I have already recommended your products to my financial adviser and a few friends who just started their own business.  Thank you for your fine work." -- Matt Meyer


 "... the greatest Telemarketing Sales Trainer in the World."

"Stan Billue is possibly the greatest Telemarketing Sales Trainer in the World. I was privileged to work for him and honored to have him as a friend. I am currently reviewing his Audio Training Series "Double your Income Selling on the Phone". This program is considered to be the standard of excellence in the industry." -- Tony DeFrancisco


"... 100% transferable to every job
I have worked on in my sales career."

"Thank you for your work that you have done to teach one to be a telemarketing sales professional. I have recently started working on a job that directed me to your teachings. No longer do I have guess how to do my job. The lessons you teach are 100% transferable to every job I have worked on in my sales career, from auto warranties to mortgages. Again, thank you." -- Gerald Smith


"... a true living legend..." 

We wanted to take an opportunity to express our great admiration, and appreciation to you – a true living legend – for your contribution to the success of our people, over the years.  Your ideas and techniques too have had a very positive contribution to our personal lives and personas.  You were also so ahead of your time, years ago, a true pioneer.  Lastly, the Encyclopedia of Success [in Volume Two of Double Your Income Selling On The Phone], tape you put together, to install mental vitamins, has had a lasting impact to our lives.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! -- Joseph Stavile, Medical Payment Express, Santa Barbara, CA 





"... helped me double my income..."

"Listening to Stan Billue CD’s helped me to double my income. Thanks Stan!!" -- Clarence Golden

Now It's Your Turn To Make The Phone
Your Secret Sales Weapon Of Choice!

Yes, it can happen for you as it has for thousands of others.

If you listen to the audios and apply the secrets Stan teaches... then... your income and success can know no bounds.

Double Your Income Selling On The Phone is the best (and maybe only) tele-sales course you'll ever need to own. Because... if you use the phone in any way, shape or form to talk to prospects or customers... then you'll discover all the strategies to turn yourself into a phone sales master.

The other sales reps in your office will be scratching their heads wondering why (and HOW) you keep closing everyone you talk to. 

Other businesses competing with yours won't stand a fighting chance.

And your family will love you for being able to provide for them... without... going through the unnecessary financial worries so many other people suffer.

The entire 10-hours of downloadable audio content has sold for as much as $497.

But you won't have to pay anywhere near that much.

In fact, if you act today -- RIGHT NOW -- you can own these money-making secrets for almost...

More Than HALF OFF (60% OFF To Be Exact)
What Others Have Paid!

That's right, just... $197.

This product will not cost you a penny.

Apply the phone sales secrets Stan reveals... and... you'll be writing your own ticket from now on. It's an investment that will pay off quickly. It's an investment that will pay off for the rest of your life. It's an investment you can't afford not to make.

Look, you're standing at a crossroads here.

You could decide to do nothing. Or keep doing whatever you're doing. Where's that gotten you and where do you think it'll get you in the future? Chances are you're struggling for no good reason to sell your products or services.

Unless you get yourself educated that struggle won't stop.

Sure, you might eventually get there. But why make it so hard on yourself?

On the other hand, armed with the secrets in Double Your Income Selling On The Phone you can shortcut your journey to sales and business success.

It's up to you.

Do the smart thing and get this course now.

You'll be glad you did...

Plus, we're shouldering all the risk with this generous...



We're positive anyone willing to implement the strategies in this course can sell more of their products and services. And they can sell with more ease and lot less resistance from prospects.

That's why we're willing to stick our neck out for you.

If you're a serious sales rep, business owner or entrepreneur, you're going to love this actionable audio course on sales secrets that work in the real world. You'll use the information and see amazing results. We already know that's what will happen. So we're more than glad to put the burden of proof on our shoulders.

Get the course and apply what you discover. Experience the results for yourself. Then you be the judge. Take 8-weeks to decide if everything we've told you is true. You'll see that this course will exceed your expectations if you use it.

IMPORTANT: Double Your Income Selling On The Phone may be tax deductible.

Income tax deductions are allowed for education expenses undertaken to maintain and improve professional skills. So you may be eligible for a full tax write-off by investing in this course.


Before you make your next sales call...

Before you take the next in-coming call from a prospect or customer...

Go through this audio course and etch Stan Billue's phone sales secrets onto your brain.

You'll then be able to confidently...

  • Make high-probability prospecting calls without wasting your time!
  • Convert prospects into happy customers who buy over and over again!
  • Bust through sales quotas like never before!
  • Get more business than you can handle!
  • And finally earn the type of income that could put you on "Easy Street"!

If you listen and apply Stan Billue's proven phone sales secrets this could turn out to be the best investment you've ever made. 

Simply place your order and... within a few minutes... you'll have instant access to the download page.

Go for it right now and you'll never look back...


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Yes, I want the secrets that will help me double my income selling on the phone. I can easily apply these secrets whether I'm a sales rep, consultant, freelancer, or business owner. I understand that the sales skills I'm about to discover can make all the difference in my success. I have read and agree to the disclaimer below.

Product Not Available At This Time

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.




Meet Stan "Mr. Fantastic" Billue
THE Sales Training Legend

stan billu

The top trainers in the industry refer to Stan Billue as the Most Ripped-Off, Respected and Referred-To sales trainer alive. And for good reason...

Stan is credited with helping more people become six and seven-figure-a- year sales pros than any other trainer. He has personally spent an hour a day for the past 37 years (over 13,505 hours) honing his sales, marketing and personal development skills.

Unlike some trainers out there, Stan has real-world sales experience. Stan used the skills he learned to double his income every year for five years straight in sales.

Only after "walking the talk" (and selling in the trenches) did Stan become a speaker and trainer. He then travelled the world for 20 years conducting up to 22 engagements a month.

The products Stan developed became the industry standard best-selling audio and video sales training courses in history.

His products still sell in record numbers in over 60 countries the world over.

Sales reps, telemarketers, trainers, company owners, entrepreneurs, copy writers and sales managers have benefited from Stan's direct, fun and practical sales success secrets.


On February 6, 2015, Stan was diagnosed with advanced cancer of the liver and pancreas. He was given only a few short months to live.

On Sunday, May 10, 2015, Stan passed away.

Before his passing, Stan decided to give back to the great profession of sales by continuing to make his timeless and timely phone sales products and coaching available through The Stan Billue Team.

Here's Some Of The Real-World Success Stories And
Praise Stan Received From His Students And The
Best Sales Trainers In The World...

"Currently I earn over $900,000 a year where most people's incomes have plummeted. Your material is as applicable today as it was when I studied it. I have ordered all of your material again to now teach to the 100 sales executives I employ at my firm and I tell them proudly that you are the 'Godfather' of 'Telemarketing' and were directly responsible for my success."
-- Steve Vanderhoof, Santa Ana, CA


 "Pearls of wisdom. That’s how I describe Stan Billue’s [sales secrets] and each pearl is precious. Even though you can go through the program quickly, you’ll want to listen again and again. Each strategy has the potential to increase your results while having more fun than ever in selling."
 -- Tom Hopkins, Builder of Sales Champions
"You are like a machine when it comes to saying what needs to be said, when it must be said, in the way it must be said. I became the highest paid salesman in the world in a few different industries, so a real thanks, Stan."
-- Mike Brescia, President, Think Right Now! International
"I've known Stan Billue for over 25 years and have always found him fascinating, not to mention extremely knowledgeable in the field of Sales and Sales Training! ..."
-- Ben Gay III, Publisher of the International Best Seller, "THE CLOSERS"

"Stan helped me go from $300 a week to almost 1/2 million dollars a year. I'm now retired and completely debt free. Stan is the Real Deal."
-- Tony Gaujot

"Stan Billue is the greatest Sales Trainer I've ever come in contact with. His Training Material has made me well over a million dollars in commissions in just a few short years..."
-- Mike Brooks, Author of "The Real Secrets of the Top 20%"
"With the skills & knowledge I learned from Stan, I've been able to increase my income to over $16,000 PER WEEK selling on the phone! In my opinion, attempting to sell by phone without equipping yourself with Stan Billue's training is as foolhardy as attempting to play professional football without a helmet."
 -- John Bolton
"Stan Billue is the consummate Professional."
-- Jeffrey Gitomer, Internationally known Sales Training Guru
 “I learned more from Stan Billue than I did in 4 years at the University of Maryland.”
-- Daniel Cannon
“Master these concepts and you'll master your career.”
-- Mark Victor Hansen, Chicken Soup Author
“One idea from Stan Billue made me an extra $100,000.”
-- Russ Finster
 “You are a Legend in the Sales Training Industry.”
-- Jeb Blount, Sales Gravy
"Stan Billue is to Telemarketing what God is to Religion.”
-- Security & Surveillance
“You've made History in our Industry.”
-- Personal Selling Power Magazine

“We like to think that we invented Telemarketing . . . You perfected it.”
-- AT&T



John "Angel" Anghelache

The Stan Billue Team


P.S. Remember, the secrets Stan shares are both timely and timeless. If you use the phone in any way, shape, or form to build your financial services/products business... then... this is the one course you can't afford not to own. And now you can get it for more than HALF OFF what others paid.

But this offer will not be around forever... so... get it now...


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Yes, I want the secrets that will help me double my income selling on the phone. I can easily apply these secrets whether I'm a sales rep, consultant, freelancer, or business owner. I understand that the sales skills I'm about to discover can make all the difference in my success. I have read and agree to the disclaimer below.

Product Not Available At This Time

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and its potential. Please remember that each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is no certain guarantee that you will earn any money.



The Stan Billue Team
P.O. Box 495
Dyer, IN 46311

support @ stanbillue.com

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