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FREE: 5 Little-Known Problems
Facing Anyone Who Does Business
Phone In The Current Economy

For salespeople and business owners who
use the phone to handle inbound and
outbound leads and customers


  • Why 3 out of 4 salespeople and business owners are doomed to failure and how to avoid being a victim! (Shocking study looks at the dismal results of nearly 700,000 sales people over a quarter-century... and... reveals why almost 75% drop out!)
  • Which "popular" lead sources will drain you of time and money... even though... all the experts tell you to use them! (A study done by the DMA exposes the truth about online vs. offline media response rates and costs. You won't believe what really works to generate leads at the highest return on investment possible.)
  • 3 of the biggest cold calling blunders to stop making now! (The numbers from this Baylor University study indicate most cold calling strategies fall flat on their face. Here's how to make cold calling pay off for you!)
  • The single most profitable action you can take when a fresh lead comes in! (Almost 3.5-million leads were analyzed in a ground-breaking study... which reveals... exactly how long you should wait before following up to increase conversions by almost 400%! No one does this and they wonder why leads are cold and stale.)
  • How 90% of salespeople and business owners handle inbound leads... and... why this strategy guarantees the lead will never become a customer! (If you want to stop wasting money on lead generation... then... here's what the Fisher Institute at the University Of Akron says you must do to put the odds in your favor!)    

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