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"THE Sales Training Legend"

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Are you Busted and Disgusted?
Are you Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired?

If so, I can relate. At the age of 34 I was a High School drop out, Bankrupt, Divorced twice and a self-made failure.  Then I met a multi-millionaire who agreed to become my Mentor.

He encouraged me to become a Master of one subject and I started investing an hour a day learning everything I could about Sales and Marketing.

I became a Student and entered the Sales profession to apply what I was learning and Doubled my Income for 5 consecutive years.

I then became a Trainer and Speaker and for over 20 years conducted up to 22 Speaking engagements per month and have been rated higher than Tom Hopkins and Zig Ziglar, combined.

BTW, I still invest that one hour a day to become just a little better today than I was yesterday and in 2014 I'm celebrating 37 years as a Student.

YOU can become a Mega-Buck
Income Earning Sales Pro
by learning from
"THE Sales Training Legend"

I'm referred to as THE Sales Training Legend because it's said that my Audio and Video Training have helped create and continue to mold more 6 and 7 figure a year Income earning Professionals than any other Trainer alive.

Thanks to you I became the Highest Paid Salesman in the World in a few different Industries.
Mike Brescia 

If you ask your Sales Manager or Company Owner about me, there's a good possibility that they grew up on and cut their teeth on my Training materials.

Currently I earn over $900,000 a year and have ordered  all of your material to teach the 100 sales executives I employ.  I tell them proudly that you are "The Godfather" of Telemarketing  and were directly responsible for my success.
Steve Vanderhoof

In fact, many of the Top Sales Trainers today will testify (or at least admit) that they learned much of their Craft from me.

Stan Billue is the Greatest Sales Trainer I've ever come in contact with.  His training material has made me well over a million dollars in commissions in just a few short years, and his techniques are still the most up to date, real world and effective that you'll ever come across.
Mike Brooks, Mr Inside Sales

Baffle them with your B.S.
Blow them away with your Brilliance

If you are tired of trying to Baffle prospects with your B.S. I will show you how to Blow them away with your Brilliance and become a Sales Super Star.

I've accumulated the Knowledge (and continue to do so) to help propel you and your Career and/or your Company to a higher level of Success then you can probably imagine.

If you are ready, willing and able to accept change, I welcome the opportunity to become your personal Coach or Mentor.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you personally for literally changing so many lives. As an inexperienced salesman, fresh on the phone in the 80’s, I had few tools to attack the mountain in front of me. I can candidly say that most of my acquired skills, both on the phone and off, came directly from your series. I went on to be among the top 5% of my firm’s brokers for the next five years. I have owned 5 firms since then and have trained 100’s of brokers in various financial service sectors, using your series as a base the entire time. 25 years later, I still haven’t found anything to compare the time-tested strategies of “Double your Income”.  Sixteen to twenty one times, Stan….You are FANTASTIC!
Scott A. Wolf, C.E.O., Stone Lion Management, Inc.

It's your Choice:
Take years to learn by Osmosis
or become a Super Star Sales Pro
  within 90 days !

You can search the Internet for weeks and come up with a List of 100 potential Sales Trainers, Motivation Speakers, Business Consultants, Marketing Experts, Mentors and Copy Writers . . . OR you can make One Call to Stan Billue.

I went from making $300 a week to making almost a half million dollars a year after I met Stan and started incorporating what he taught me. I am now semi-retired and debt free. I thank God daily that I met Mr. Fantastic! I still listen to his CD's for fine tuning. Stan is the REAL DEAL!
Tony Gaujot

Are you are ready
to accept total and unconditional responsibility for your Success or the lack of it?

Are you are prepared
to Prosper beyond your wildest Dreams?

you are willing to commit to learning on Purpose instead of by Osmosis?

If so, here's a quick overview of what I offer:

Bargain Basement Pricing:

Free Stuff - I probably give away more Great Training than anyone in the Industry.

Newsletter - Subscribe to my free Monthly Newsletter and also receive a free Weekly Marketing Tip.

Marketing Manifesto - 125 proven Tips so you can Out Market your so-called competition.

Autobiography - So entertaining you won't be able to put it down plus it contains over 150 Life Lessons Learned.

Medium Pricing:

Training Audios - The Industry Classic.  12 Audio sessions with 10 hours of transferable Skills and Techniques which can turn anyone into a Mega-Buck Sales Pro in record time.

The Sales Expose - 143 pages crammed with Tools and Techniques to Crush your Competition.

Motivation Videos - 3 thirty minute Videos and each contain 5 or 6 Key Points for the perfect catalyst for a quick Pep Session.

Scripts & Ad Copy - I can write or improve your Sales Scripts and/or Ad and Marketing Copy for dramatic improvement.

Premium Pricing:

Training Videos - The most complete Video Training Series ever produced comprised of 90 complete Video Sessions with 8 hours of the Best of Billue. A MUST for your Library.

Mentoring/Consulting - This is your opportunity of a Lifetime to be Mentored by a Master of his Craft.

Great Combination:

Fast Start - All of our Audio, Video and Printed Material PLUS personal Mentoring to jump start your Career.

Brand New:

30 Days 2 Greatness in Sales - My first new Video Sales Training Series in 25 years.  Everything you need to become a Sales Super Star in 30 days or less.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear about your Success in the future.

I wish you a "FANTA$TIC" Future !
Stan Billue, CSP
(407) 719-2020

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