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37 years.  Stan always helped people become their Best.


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"A small Drinking Village with a Fishing problem"

NEW Sales Training Video Series

"30 Days 2 Greatness in Sales"

Written and produced in 2014 and is the culmination of 37 years as a Student of Sales and Self Development. Includes 140 Techniques, Skills plus 18 Closes crammed into 30 Video Lessons.  (read more . . .)

Inside Sales Training

I made special arrangements with Mike Brooks (Mr. Inside Sales) to assist you with all of your Inside Sales Training and Sales Scripts needs. 

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Sales Training

"90 Telemarketing Skills"

The Industry benchmark for proven, effective and transferable content.  90 Sales Training Videos at a fraction of the original price

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Sales Training

"Double your Income Selling

on the Phone"

All time best selling Sales Training series with 10 hours of proven, transferable and Skills, Techniques and 100 Closes.

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Printed Sales Training

"The Sales Expose"

148 pages crammed with every weapon you need to crush your competition.  For Sales Pros, Owners, Managers and Entrepreneurs.  (read more . . .)

Printed Marketing Secrets

"The Marketing Manifesto"

125 proven ways to out market your so-called competition, many for little or no money.

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Be the envy of every Sales Pro with these New Uni-sex all Cotton T-Shirts in Medium, Large or Ex Large.  The front says "I Give Great Phone".

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Who says it cost money to get Trained?  Here are 21 Articles, 18 Training Videos, 6 Interviews, 5 recorded Webinars, 4 e-Books and a Sales Training Call, all Free.  (read more . . .)

Here are the Classics that created Stan's reputation

as an Industry Icon and "THE Sales Training Legend"

and are still sold in 60 Countries.



"The Motivation Series"

Here are 3 30 minute Videos each containing 5 or 6 Key Points for the perfect catalyst for a quick Pep Session. These are "Billue at his Best".

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My Autobiography

"A Best Seller"

Extremely entertaining with great Stories plus 150 amazing Life Lessons learned.  From a 34 year old self-made failure to THE Sales Training Legend.

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Here are some truly great career openings for exceptional Sales Pros.  When you are ready for the top echelon of Selling, please let me know.

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Race Track Promotions

I've combined a 60 year love of Short Track Racing with visits to over 100 Tracks to show any Owner/Promoter how to dramatically impact their bottom line.  

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Each monthly Issue contains Personal Notes, some Humor, something of Value, a Sales Skill, a Motivational Tip and a specialpromotion.  It's entertaining and Free.   (read more . . .)

Health Update:  On 2/6 Stan was diagnosed with advanced Cancer of the Liver and Pancreas and given 3 to 6 months to live. He continues to answer your Calls and Emails as long as possible and plans are to keep this Web Site up and his Products available for years to come. Thanks for your kind words and prayers during these challenging times.

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